Host a Festival Footprint Learning Center Activity
We are thrilled to continue presenting activities in our Festival Footprint Learning Center for the second year in a row. Our Festival Footprint Zero Waste Initiative launched in 2018 with our goal to officially become a zero waste event within 2-3 years. We are proud to report our diversion rate for 2019 was 80% (in just our second year!).

Activities should be creative, interactive, and educational. These activities should also empower festival goers to take the Festival Footprint ideas home with them. The tent size of 10'x10' so please be conscious of space limitations when submitting an activity.

This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your organization's visibility to thousands of families in the area and interact with new members of the community. Your event will be included on the festival's website and promoted both digitally and in print by A2SF.

With an average nightly attendance of 100 to 200, each partner is responsible for staffing their own activity and providing all necessary supplies. Because of the proximity to other artist activities, the Festival Footprint Learning Center presentations are not allowed amplification and need to be sonically respectful of nearby artists performing.

By hosting an event in the Learning Center, you can become one of the many proud community partners currently working with the festival listed here:
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