MES Culture Committee 2015-2016
Hi, friends!

The 2015-2016 Culture Committee structure will look a bit like this:

GENERAL MEMBERS: Anybody who wishes to be informed and participate in helping out with Culture events is more than welcome to sign up and stay in the loop!

SUB-COMMITTEE MEMBERS: If you want to help out with an event, you can chose to join a sub-committee. They will be set up during the year.

VICE-CHAIRS: If you're interested in helping plan and organize, this is the spot for you. We'll have several Vice-Chair positions available for committed people!

If you're interested in only being a general member for now, just fill out the first part of this form. If you want to apply for a Vice-Chair position, also fill out the second part. Any questions can be sent to and we'll try our best to respond quickly.


Marko Maric & Aveline Pearson
MES Culture Co-ordinators

Basic Application
Please fill out this part. If you are interested on taking on a bigger role this year, there is a second part to complete afterwards.
Name, program and year please?
i.e. Harry Thode, Mechanical & Society II
Your answer
What's an email that you check regularily?
Your answer
Any specific Culture events you want to help out with as of now?
Santa Claus Parade, Pi Day, Santa Hog, Flush, New Initiatives, etc...
Your answer
How was your day?
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Vice-Chair Application
If you would like to apply for a Vice-Chair position, please also fill out this part.
Which Vice-Chair position are you interested in?
Feel free to suggest something you think we've missed. NOTE: The Pi Day position will be assigned later in the year and is strongly recommended for people intending to be future Culture Co-ordinators.
What is your related experience?
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How would you structure a Sub-Committee?
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Describe Mac Eng in 4 Words
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