MES Culture Committee 2015-2016
Hi, friends!

The 2015-2016 Culture Committee structure will look a bit like this:

GENERAL MEMBERS: Anybody who wishes to be informed and participate in helping out with Culture events is more than welcome to sign up and stay in the loop!

SUB-COMMITTEE MEMBERS: If you want to help out with an event, you can chose to join a sub-committee. They will be set up during the year.

VICE-CHAIRS: If you're interested in helping plan and organize, this is the spot for you. We'll have several Vice-Chair positions available for committed people!

If you're interested in only being a general member for now, just fill out the first part of this form. If you want to apply for a Vice-Chair position, also fill out the second part. Any questions can be sent to and we'll try our best to respond quickly.


Marko Maric & Aveline Pearson
MES Culture Co-ordinators

Basic Application
Please fill out this part. If you are interested on taking on a bigger role this year, there is a second part to complete afterwards.
Name, program and year please? *
i.e. Harry Thode, Mechanical & Society II
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What's an email that you check regularily? *
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Any specific Culture events you want to help out with as of now? *
Santa Claus Parade, Pi Day, Santa Hog, Flush, New Initiatives, etc...
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How was your day? *
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Vice-Chair Application
If you would like to apply for a Vice-Chair position, please also fill out this part.
Which Vice-Chair position are you interested in?
Feel free to suggest something you think we've missed. NOTE: The Pi Day position will be assigned later in the year and is strongly recommended for people intending to be future Culture Co-ordinators.
What is your related experience?
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How would you structure a Sub-Committee?
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Describe Mac Eng in 4 Words
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