OBDA Mentorship Program Survey
The Oregon Band Director Mentoring Program is dedicated to supporting the mission of band directors of all grade levels in our state. We are especially committed to the professional development of new teachers and their transition into the education profession. The project coordinator is OBDA President-Elect, Michael Burch-Pesses from Pacific University in Forest Grove. In order to build the program we need to survey and develop a list of experienced teachers who are willing to be mentors. We also need to develop a list of directors who would like mentors. For more information visit our website:
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If you would like to be a Mentor, then please give a belief description of your teaching experience and describe some specific ways you could help your future mentee (think of your strengths).
If you would like to be a Mentee and receive a Mentor to work with, then please describe specific ways a Mentor could help you improve as a director (think of your weaknesses).
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