A&H Qu-Drive and SQ-Drive USB Device Compatibility Questionnaire
A user-sourced repository for USB device compatibility information
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A&H console *
Which console are you using?
Firmware Version *
Which Firmware version is your console running?
USB device manufacturer *
Who makes it? e.g. Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung...
USB device model *
Series and model number e.g. DataTraveller SE9
USB version *
Is it USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or USB 3.1?
Capacity *
How big is it? e.g. 8GB
Device type *
What kind of drive is it?
Does it read? *
Shows "reading drive..." in 'Setup > Utility > Qu-Drive' (Qu) or 'Utility > USB Utility > Status/Format' (SQ)
Does it format? *
Can the device be formatted in 'Setup > Utility > Qu-Drive' (Qu) or 'Utility > USB Utility > Status/Format' (SQ)?
Will a show save? *
Can a show file be saved to the device in 'Setup > USB Data > Shows' (Qu) or 'Utility > USB Data' (SQ)?
Will it record in stereo? *
Can a stereo recording me made without errors?
Will it record multitrack? *
Can a multitrack recording be made without errors?
Anything you think we should know about the device?
A&H Digital Community Username *
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