Community Support Fund
This is a fund for those who need bail assistance if they were arrested 5/30/2020 after the Justice For George Rally concluded. If you're in need of bail assistance please answer the following questions
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Did the recipient experience any excessive force from JSO during their arrest and time in custody?
What is the name of the person who needs community support?
Were their civil liberties infringed upon 5/30/2020-5/31/2020?
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How much community assistance is the recipient requesting?
How would the recipient like the funds dispersed?
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Please list the contact information of the recipient. If the recipient is still in jail please list the contact information of the person who will be receiving the funds on behalf of the recipient. Name, Phone Number AND Email *
What do you plan to use the community support funds for?
Do the recipient need legal assistance?
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Does the recipient want to request medical reimbursement from injuries sustained 5/30/2020-5/31/2020? If so, how much? Please email receipts to
Would the recipient like to have a fully funded therapy sessions with a therapist specializing in PTSD? Please answer YES if you believe you have PTSD from events that occurred 5/30/2020-5/31/2020
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Would the recipient like to receive a care package? Care packages include: Water, Gatorade, Granola Bars, Wipes, Sun Screen and Mask
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Will the recipient be willing to create a short 1 minute video detailing their experiences in JSO custody and/or at the protest?
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