Volunteers for Temple
Hari Om,
The Soma Sundareshwara Temple at Chinmaya Mission seeks expressions of interest from volunteers to help the temple in its operations. We have many members with various skill sets and we invite you to choose how you can be helpful as a volunteer. We have enumerated some of the activities where volunteers can help.
 Lord Krishna in 3rd chapter of Bhagvad Geeta says this on Karma Yoga:
 devānbhāvayatānena te devā bhāvayantu vaḥ
 parasparaṃ bhāvayantaḥ śreyaḥ paramavāpsyatha
The word paraspara bhāva meaning mutual regard. Temple is a place of worship and refuge for welfare of community assisted by members of community. The above verse stresses this aspect.

Incase you have any questions, please reach out to the committee @temple@chinmayaaustin.org

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