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Hello siblings,

We are the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network in Washington State. This network is led by trans people of color and advances the lives of Two Spirit people, Trans Women of Color, and Trans Femmes of Color living in Washington State by ensuring their basic needs are met.

We want to lower barriers in accessing funds needed by our community. As an all-volunteer group of trans community members wearing several hats, we have limited capacity to handle requests through our Facebook Page and Email. To streamline the process, we are accepting and handling all requests submitted through this form. Due to high volume of requests, we ask that you not email us or message us via social media but that you continue to fill out this form when you make a request.. Thank you for your patience and grace.

"Trans women and femmes of color are still fighting for the same things as in 1969: freedom from daily criminalization, police brutality, racist & anti-trans violence, discrimination in employment, housing and healthcare...fighting for the right to live and flourish and bloom." - Micah Bazant.

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We have made a few changes to our process. **Currently we will be fulfilling requests every FRIDAY. **We will no longer be responding to individual funding requests made via instagram, facebook, or twitter. **Please DO NOT message us regarding your funding unless you've failed to receive funding the Friday after you've submitted your application. **Immediate funding requests (if you need funds sooner than Friday) will now require link to your social media & phone call, or FaceTime intake.**By completing this form you agree to the boundaries set by the Black and Brown Trans Women and Trans Siblings who make up this fund these boundaries are as follows : 1. No verbal, physical, sexual abuse, or harassment will be tolerated against our members/collective via email or social media. PERIOD. You will lose access to our fund immediately. 2. No scamming our fund, this will also cause you to lose access immediately if we discover that you have been misusing the fund. We are able to work with truth, we cannot work with lies, if you have a specific situation that needs to be addressed note on this form that you need an immediate intake. 3. We may need to contact you via phone or otherwise to verify information. If we cannot verify your information or cannot contact you, we cannot fund you. 4. If you have a social media page, please link it. **NOTE: We understand that no process is perfect and that we are also imperfect people who are not going to make 100% of our community happy 100% of the time. Please have patience and grace with us as we grow our network and build out much needed services to continue to meet the needs of our community. ***Please type "I agree" on the line below if you agree to these terms. Or "I disagree" if you do not agree with these terms. *
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This information is helpful in case we need to follow up about payment.
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This question helps us to make sure we are aligning with our priorities of funding Two Spirit people, Trans Women of Color, and Trans Femmes of Color.
How would you describe your gender identity? *
This question helps us to make sure we are aligning with our priorities of funding Two Spirit people, Trans Women of Color and Trans Femmes of Color.
Which of these most aligns with the gender identity you've described above? Check all that apply (While we understand that language is limited and cannot fully encompass the expansiveness of gender, this question is helpful for us to limit the need for follow up questions regarding eligibility for our fund.) *
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We can fund up to $250.
Method of Payment (We suggest using a payment app in order to receive funds sooner, however we also recognize that this is not an option for everyone. Please be aware that if you choose cash, check, or money order, the turn around time for receiving funds will be longer; as we coordinate safely getting your money to you ) *
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