4-H Discovery Days - Class Proposal Form
Thank you so much for considering the opportunity to share your expertise is youth from across Kansas.  Discovery Days is an excellent opportunity for our young people to explore potential careers, degree programs, personal development, hobbies, sports, and other interests.  The time you invest has great potential to impact these young people for their entire lives!!

Proposals are due February 16th.
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If other people will be helping you with your session, please list them and their e-mail addresses here.  The primary instructor will still be the one contacted regarding this session.
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A short and interest provoking name for your session  
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A short exciting paragraph to sell 13-18 year olds on your class.  Do you have something that bubbles or zaps?  Will they make something, tour someplace, or help people?
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ie. "Part  A will be offered Wed. AM with Part B concluding Wednesday AM" or "I only want to offer this class one of the times indicated" etc.  Please help us understand your intentions and preferences.
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This is the cost per person required to cover any necessary expenses.
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If we can't get this many participants, your session should be cancelled.
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Facility Needs
Please explain any special facility needs such as computer labs, large open spaces, tables & chairs, etc that the Departments of Continuing Education and Facilities may need to consider when assigning a class location on campus.  Instructors are responsible for providing their own audio/visual equipment. Sewing machines are not available & classrooms with sinks are extremely rare.
Class Location Preference
If you have a location preference, please list the building and room number.  If you have already reserved this location, please indicate who was contacted to reserve this space so it can be confirmed.
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Only for sessions that will be off-campus for the entire day
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