Join our Fall 2019 Cohort Wednesday Night Filmmaking Classes

What: We want you to be part of a small cohort of people taking all 10 Wednesday Night Filmmaking Classes together this Fall 2019.

Who: This application is to be part of a cohort of around 4-6 people who will be taking our 10 Wednesday Night Filmmaking Classes together. Must be 18+. Must pay in advance. For now, the price is $299/person to be part of this cohort.

Where: Classes will be held inside Advent Coworking. Park in gravel lot across Louise Avenue or on street. Come to the front porch of Advent (faces Otts Street) and call or text Julie to be let in the locked door, the door that faces Otts Street. 933 Louise Ave #101, Charlotte, NC 28204

When:10 Wednesday Night Classes Wednesday, October 2nd -December. We're offering dozens of classes this fall but this cohort is specifically for our 10 Wednesday night series of classes.

Why: In Fall 2019, we are repeating something we did in our first semester in Spring 2018 that worked excellently: in addition to each class being open to the general public to join us on a per-class basis (they will pay over $45 per class), we are forming this cohort so that people get to know each other, starting making movies together and commit to attend each class. As a way to "give back", participants will make a movie about a cause, person or non profit related to one of the topics outlined below. Plus, its just awesome to have a consistent group of people meeting week after week, building relationships and going on to make stuff together even long after this fall.

How: First step is to fill out this form. Call or text Julie anytime if you have questions.
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This fall we are offering 10 Wednesday Night Filmmaking Classes as one "package" to people who are serious about learning filmmaking skills for $298.
Cohort = a group of people banded together or treated as a group. As we did in Spring 2018, we are forming a Cohort again (in addition to classes being open to others to take a la carte).
We bring together local film professionals and adults who want to learn filmmaking skills from them.
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