Newbury Town Plan
Newbury Town Council is preparing a Town Plan as input to the next issue of West Berkshire Council’s Local Plan, covering the period 2019-36. We are collaborating with the neighbouring Parish Councils of Greenham, Shaw-cum-Donnington, and Speen. Your opinions on a number of questions will be of value to us.

Please answer questions 1 to 7 in as few words as you like, but not more than 30 words. If you do not wish to answer a question, just leave it blank.

1. How would you describe the character of Newbury as a town?
Your answer
2. What are the features which attract outsiders to Newbury?
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3. What actions would you suggest to develop or enhance these character and features?
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4. What are the principal barriers to those enhancements?
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5. How could Newbury be improved as a place for you and your family to live or work?
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Continue for question 6 and 7.
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