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• My commission queue is located on my trello:

• My Terms of Service is located at

• Questions can be directed to my twitter @Pawgyle or to my business email:

• Character Reference sheet starts at $100.

• Includes:  One full front body with mirrored back view that is inked and flat colored, text, simple background, and color swatches.

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Brayden: 2 full body, 2 close up, mood board
Shez: 2 full body (1 mirrored) 3 expressions, 2 close ups
Noah: 1 full body, 1 close up, 3 props
Information *
Describe the character: example poses or action, personality or expressions, a general theme, detailed descriptions, specific colors, species, reference images, etc. or indicate you will attach it in an email.
Art style *
Toony would have simplified features and more exaggerated proportions. Realistic would have proportionate features and body shape.  This is not a specific scale, but gives the artist a rough idea on how you want the style to be.
What type of simple shape/object for your color swatches? *
Examples: circles or other simple shapes, slash marks, paint splotches, etc.
Indicate any text
Like character name, labels, etc.
Optional: how many additional full body views? $65
Optional: how many additional torso views? $55
Optional: how many additional head/icon, close up detailed views or expression icons? $35
Optional: What kind of props? Starting at $20
This is for any standalone props or objects that you want to include in the reference sheet.
By continuing, you agree that you:
Read through the ToS and adhere/agree to all statements,
Are of legal age if this is a mature themed commission.
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