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Project Information
1. Book title and subtitle *
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2. Short summary *
Please provide a description of up to 75 words that summarises the scope and content of the book.
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3. Description *
Please describe the book in no more than 250 words. The description should be coherent, informative and persuasive so that people with only a basic knowledge of the field understand what this book is about. The text should be suitable for use as the book’s blurb (copy for marketing purposes).
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4. Key characteristics *
Please briefly indicate THREE key benefits that the book would offer to its readers. If your book were featured in a news article, what discovery or newsworthy information would be featured? What are the unique and distinctive features of this publication?
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5. Table of contents *
Include: prelims, chapter heads, sub-heads and any additional data material. For contributed volumes, please include contributor names along with their affiliations. If you would prefer to submit this information as a Word file, please upload your file at:
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6. Chapter by chapter synopsis *
Please supply a brief synopsis of each chapter - including a summary of content, perspective, objective and relevance. The synopses of your chapters must demonstrate a logical progression of the book. If you would prefer to submit this information as a Word file, please upload your file at:
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7. Digital archive *
Is there any material held at Historic Environment Scotland or ADS (Archaeology Data Service)? Is this material publicly available online? Please provide links and reference/accession numbers where possible.
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8. Word count *
Please indicate the anticipated length of the final manuscript (including notes and bibliography). Please note that we will not normally publish books that are longer than 120,000 words; overly long manuscripts will be returned for paring down before peer review.
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9. Submission date *
Please give a realistic date by which you expect to deliver the complete manuscript. Please note that a manuscript submitted more than six months after the date you give will go back to the Society's staff and Editorial Advisory Board for consideration and may not be accepted for publication.
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10. Illustrations/figures *
Please list the approximate number of figures required (including tables, charts, line illustrations, maps and photographs). Please provide as much information about these figures as you can; a list of captions is helpful if available.
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11. Peer review suggestions
Would you be able to suggest 2 or 3 people who are well-positioned to peer review this proposal? Please include their affiliation and their email address.
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12. Endorsement (optional)
Although we will conduct our own independent peer review process, a short academic endorsement from someone who is familiar with your work in this area can also be helpful in presenting your proposal to the Society.
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13. Sample Material *
We require 2-3 complete sample chapters, one of which must be either the introduction or the conclusion. The sample chapters should include low-resolution images embedded into the Word or PDF file so that readers can assess the illustrative material as well as the text. Please use this link to upload your chapters:
Market and Competition
1. Market and readership *
Describe the audience(s) for this work. Be as specific as possible regarding disciplinary background and the types of readers (your peers, professionals in practice, grad students, undergrads, general readers, etc. What organisations or groups should be informed of your book? What conferences will you be attending where fliers for the book can be distributed?
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2. Subject areas *
Identity the primary disciplines this work will speak to. Please include secondary disciplines as well if relevant.
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3. Time period and geography *
Please give details of the archaeological/historical time periods and areas covered.
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Author Information
1. Author details *
Please include your title, full name and affiliation.
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2. Biographical note: *
Please provide a brief (up to 150 words) biographical note of the lead author(s).
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3. Further information
Please give any additional information that would be helpful in making our decision e.g. previous books, teaching/research experience (or upload a copy of your CV to
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4. Websites and social media
Please give details of any websites or social media activity relevant for your book and its promotion.
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5. Contributors and co-authors
Please give names and affiliations of contributors and co-authors.
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Contact Details
1. Corresponding author email address *
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2. Corresponding author telephone number
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3. Corresponding author postal address
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