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Please use this form to request a Blandy Education Field Investigation.
You will be contacted via email or phone to discuss your program request. For guidelines to our fees, please refer to our catalog (see link at left). Once confirmed, we will send an invoice reflecting fee for your specified number of students.
Thank you for your interest in Blandy Education Programs!
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Program minimum is 10 students. Single class size limit is 28. For multiple classes, (28-120), we will use a rotation schedule. Please plan on one adult chaperone per 5-6 students.
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For multiple grades, choose grade and enter range in 'Notes' field. We ask that you limit the range to 3 consecutive grades.
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Most programs are 75 minutes. For multiple classes for the same program, classes will rotate through actvities using a predetermined schedule. Schedule can exceed 75 minutes depending on number of classes.
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