2019 Loveland Revolution Auditions
Revolution Try-outs
September 17th -September - 21st
LIS Gym 7:00am-7:30am
enter through door #8
Students will attend the show choir workshops in the mornings where they will learn a choreography routine. They will need to prepare a song on their on own to have ready for the auditions. The auditions will take place Wednesday -Friday. Students must attend all of the workshops. Students will be judge by a panel who will be determining the 2018-2019 group.

Loveland Revolution is one of the premier middle school show choirs in the country. In the past ten years they have received many awards at both regional and National competitions.
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Show Choir Fee:Each member will pay a fee to cover the costs Travel, Uniforms , Choreography, and other miscellaneous costs that occur throughout the year. The fee for the 2018-2019 season is $900.00. This will be broken down into smaller monthly payments to make it more affordable. I understand there is a fee associated with this activity *
My Child has my permission to audition to be a part of the Loveland Revolution Show Choir. I understand that this is a time as well as the financial commitment for my child. I support my child in making this commitment and understand that there is a large commitment on my part as well. Parents please e-sign below *
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