Catholic VBS June 11-15 9:00am - 12:00 pm
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Welcome to CatChat Catholic VBS - Marvelous Mystery: The Mass Comes Alive!
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Children completing Grades 7 and up will be assigned Jr. Leader Roles
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The Children will be performing music from VBS! Join us for Mass followed by food and fellowship in the Parish hall! (If you are registering more than one child, you need only RSVP for this event once.)
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NOTE: The Archdiocese of Mobile requires that all volunteers who have substantial contact with children & youth must be certified in the Child & Adolescent Protection Program (CAPP) by completing the required training and submitting to a background check. Contact Suzette Taylor in the Parish Office for more information.
I give permission for my child (named above) to participate in VBS at Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church. I will not hold Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church, its employees or volunteers liable if any harm should occur to my child. If an emergency arises regarding my child, I give permission for medical treatment to be administered. My medical insurance coverage and number is: *
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I, as the parent/guardian of the individual listed on this VBS registration form, consent to my childbeing photographed, videotaped, audio recorded or otherwise recorded by Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Parish or any of its affiliates. I further authorize publication of such items in the parish newsletter and other community media including the Baldwin Press Register, Gulf Coast Newspapers, and The Catholic Week. *
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