Slidell ISD Parent Survey
Please complete this survey; your responses will be recorded anonymously.
The campus/district provides multiple opportunities for students to receive instruction in fine arts including visual and performing arts. *
The campus/district provided 3 or more fine arts activities (field trips, concerts, plays, recognition banquets, talent/art show, performances) in which parents and community members were invited to attend. *
The campus/district provides opportunities for students to receive instruction in wellness and physical education. *
The campus/district provides information to parents concerning immunizations and other health issues. *
The campus/district administers FitnessGram annually and provides reports of student performance to parents. *
The campus/district uses a variety of methods to keep parents and community members informed of school information (all call system, marquee, website, newsletter, e-mail, School app). *
The campus/district provides an opportunity for parents to join the Parent and Teachers Together organization (PATT). *
The campus/district provides 3 or more opportunities for parents and community to participate in school activities. *
The campus/district implements career and technical education including programs of study and integration of technology. *
The campus/district hosts events that offer college and career readiness information (9th grade parent meeting, financial aid meeting, guest speaker programs, College Night) *
The campus/district provides information to parents in the students' native language and provides translators for parent meetings. *
The campus/district website has the ability to be translated into all the native languages that have been identified within the district based on the home language survey. *
The campus/district provides English Language Learner (ELL) support through instructional strategies within the inclusion setting. *
The campus/district provides learning facilitated with a seamless integration of technology in the classroom (laptops, computers, IPads, tablets, ELMO). *
The campus/district provides parents online access to monitor student grades and attendance. *
The campus/district provides ongoing tutoring service during Achievement period or after school and programs during the academic year and in summer school for students in need. *
The campus/district provides opportunities for students to accelerate credit acquisition or recover lost credits if needed to remain on track for graduation with a cohort group. *
The campus/district implements Response to Intervention (RTI) program with a variety of service for students identified as at-risk. *
The campus/district accepts nominations for the GT program from parents and teachers and provides annual testing for identified students. *
The campus/district provides at least two opportunities outside the classroom during the year for enrichment purposes for each student in the GT program. *
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