Growth In The Regional Ozarks
Application Due October 15, 2022, 5pm CST
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The program core team are leaders who will help champion the GRO effort in the community. This team consists of approximately 6-8 individuals who act as primary local leaders for the GRO program. The time commitment for these leaders will be approximately 4-8 hours per month. Please Note: Diversity of experiences, background and leadership styles makes for a strong core team.  Tell us about your potential GRO Core Leadership Team.
Please comment on the potential partners who will be part of the Core Team. *
Not Available
Will Have some Participation
Will Be A Strong Advocate/Champion
Municipal Leadership: Town Mayor/Manager
School Leadership: Superintendent/Principal
Local Business Leadership
CFO Local Affiliate Leadership
Chamber Leadership
Social Services Leadership
Faith Leadership
Economic Development Leadership
Please provide the names and title/role of the individuals who will potentially be part of the core team.  Each individual identified should also provide a letter of support for the program. *
Describe what you anticipate will be the outcomes and benefits for your community or region from this engagement. What issues do you hope to address? What improvements do you hope will occur in your community as a result of GRO? (500 words or less) *
What do you hope that the GRO program helps you accomplish in 12 months and 24 months? (500 words or less) *
When was the last time that the municipality conducted a community planning exercise? *
If there is a current plan, how is the plan being used? What outcomes are being generated? *
Please describe the financial support plan for the program. Who are the entities that are helping support the program? Is local community foundation contributing at least 20% to support the program? *
If selected into the program, what value would you bring to the overall GRO program: (500 words or less) *
If selected as a GRO Community, we commit to the following: *
GRO CREDO: (1) We will do what is in our power to make our community better.  (2) We will commit time each week to help make our home-town better.  (3) We will hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to our commitments. (4) We will be purposeful and measured with our words. (5) We come with respect and humility. We recognize that we must work together to build a better home. (6)  We know that there are people suffering in our home-town. We will take this opportunity seek them and  alleviate their pain. (7) We commit to a process of learning and personal evolution.  (8) We will lead by example. we will let our actions do the talking.
Nope...I don't think so.
Yes, we wholeheartedly make this commitment
We commit to the GRO Credo.
We commit to sharing knowledge, tools, insights, and expertise with our peer GRO communities.
Thank you for your interest in joining the GRO communities!
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