Budget Request Form
For requesting money from Cabinet. Check out the budget here:


Lauren: lth4@rice.edu
Amy: aek8@rice.edu

**WE ARE TAX FREE!** (applies to online orders as well!)
Our exemption code is on the front of every p-card.
Additional Tax Exempt Form from this link: https://studentcenter.rice.edu/sites/g/files/bxs1626/f/Tax-Exempt-Form.pdf (Although most vendors won't require it.)

Assistant Treasurer (Amy Kuriakose's) P-Card is with Ewart.
Head Treasurer P-Card is with Lauren Hoang.
NOTE: Amazon orders MUST go through the Treasurer's account.

Take a picture of the receipt. Then hand it in with the p-card when you return it to Ewart or Laurn. When you turn it in, make sure you have written on it:
1. Your name
2. Whose card you used
3. Purpose/ event

What are you requesting money for? *
Brief description is fine. If you will not be present at Cabinet to discuss, or if the request is unconventional (i.e., not a study break), add more information.
Your answer
Name / Group? *
Your answer
From which budget are you requesting money? *
Check the public budget or consult the Treasurers.
Your answer
How much are you requesting (X) and how big is the budget (Y)? *
"$X / $Y" -- again, consult the Treasurers as needed.
Your answer
Do we need to open the budget? *
Only needed if the budget is under your role and you'll be making multiple purchases with that budget (for example, beer bike coordinators can open the beer bike budget).
Is it an online order going through Amazon? *
If it's going through Amazon, it must be ordered on the Head Treasurer's account so send her what items you need.
When you turn in your receipt along the pcard, you have to write down your name, purpose of purchase, and what budget it is from. Do you understand? *
You are not allowed to hand off the pcard to other people without approval from the treasurer. This means messaging the treasurer who needs the pcard and for what BEFORE you hand it off. Do you understand? *
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