We are launching our 2018-2019 Winter Food Basket, so members can enjoy Island foods all winter long!

How does it work?

Consumers participate by first becoming a member and purchasing food shares. This winter, members can choose from the following share options:

1. Veggie Share
2. Egg Share
3. Bread Share
4. Meat Share
5. Handpie Share
6. Fermented Goods Share

Winter Food Baskets are custom-built, giving you the flexibility to choose what you want to receive. You can choose to include any combination of shares in your basket. For instance, you can choose to purchase the veggie share and the bread share, or you can choose to solely purchase the egg share. It's completely up to you what you want to include in your Winter Food Basket!

Where and When do Members pick-up their Food Baskets?

Soleil's Winter Food Basket will start November 15th and run for 16 weeks through to March 7th. Pick-ups will be held every Thursday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm at the Farm Centre located at 420 University Avenue in Charlottetown (next to the Allen St. Sobeys). In the event of inclement weather, pick-ups will be held the following day (Friday) at the same time and place. An email will be sent to all members the day of pick-up if a delay is necessary

Interested in becoming a member?

It's an easy three step process:
1 - Select the shares you would like to include in your basket
2 - Fill out your contact information
3 - Choose your payment plan and method

Once you've sent us the form, you'll receive a confirmation email including all your membership information!

We are pleased to showcase some of the best the Island has to offer during the fall and winter months! Enjoy!

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