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Thank you for signing up to volunteer with Housing Justice League’s BeltLine for All petition drive! The time you’re giving to spread awareness about the gentrification and displacement caused by the Beltline is crucial in our fight for housing for all. We will be in touch with you shortly to give you instructions on how to host the drive and coordinate getting you the materials. Thank you!
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This will help us coordinate getting you the materials for the drive.
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Evenings and weekends are the best times to find people on the BeltLine. Here is a link to suggested dates for hosting a drive. If you don't see anyone signed up for that date, you can sign up:
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We have found that evenings/late afternoon on weekdays are when the most people are on the BeltLine, or any time on a weekend. We suggest you spend at least 1.5 hours there.
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We suggest choosing a location on the BeltLine that often has a lot of people. Describe the location where you want to host it with specific landmarks or cross streets so other volunteers can find you.
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Would you like to make a Facebook event for the petition drive or have us make it?
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