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14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was led from his school in handcuffs after his teachers called the police when Ahmed showed them an electronic clock that he had built at home.

As President Obama has said, "Together, let us unleash the imagination of our people, affirm that we are a Nation of makers, and ensure that the next great technological revolution happens right here in America." Many of us have been moved to offer support to Ahmed and his creativity. This form is a way to capture those good intentions.

If you'd like to support Ahmed, please list the ways you'd like to contribute. Note: A great way to help is by suggesting things that encourage forming a community of makers, expanding beyond Ahmed to the others who he will inspire to also be makers, and ideas that can help change the culture of Irving to be more welcoming to innovators of all kinds.
What can you do to help Ahmed and his peers use their creativity? (A simple message of support is great, too.)
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Ahmed and Family will see your suggestions or offers of help.
I have been in touch with Ahmed's family and will share with them what you submit here. Your name and contact information will not be shared with anyone except Ahmed's family.

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