Brown Running Club Fall 2018 Feedback Form
The BRC leadership would like to offer this opportunity to provide anonymous feedback for the club for this semester. Please consider the questions carefully and take care to provide honest and constructive feedback. It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out!
How did you find out about Running Club? *
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The training group sizes are... *
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If you cannot attend practice due to scheduling, what time(s) work best for you?
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If you stopped coming to practice, why?
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How would you rate the organization of the Running Club? *
How would you rate the quality of communication from club leadership? *
i.e. timeliness of event announcements, practice/race schedules, email response duration
How would you rate your experience on Running Club this semester? *
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Will you be doing Running Club in the spring? *
If not, why?
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Additional feedback
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