Flu.ID.ity Interviews
Thank you so much for taking part of the interview. The goal of our interviews is to help show the sunny side of gender fluidity, the love it creates, the beauty in finding your self. We don't want to ignore the challenges, difficulties, struggles and obstacles in the way.

We DO absolutely want to highlight the people who fought for you, who helped you, who made it possible.

We also want to understand the impact you are having on the people who follow you - your community. This can be a mix of online and in the real neighborhood you live in and your industry. We would very much like to interview the people who helped you, who inspired you and who you inspired

None of the questions are required, you can ignore the ones you don't like and answer the ones you love.

We will only publish the article after we have run it by you to make sure we got things right and that you LOVE it :)
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When Did You Become Aware of Your Gender Non Comformity
Did Anyone Help You In Your Journey? How?
Can We Interview Them Too? If So How Can We Get in Touch With Them?
Does Your Family Know? How Have They Reacted?
Tell Us About Your Expressions of Your Fluidity
Do You Feel Safe in Expressing Your Gender Fluidity?
Are You Proud of Your Fluidity, Did You Ever Feel Ashamed Of It - What Did You Do To Overcome That?
Does Your Gender Fluidity Effect Your Career, Your Income, Your Work Place?
Is Your Gender Orientation and Sexual Orientation Different? How Do You Think About Those
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If You Think About Raising Your Own Kids, and How Society Does It Now - Any Things You Would Do Different?
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