Black Friday Bazaar 3 Designer Application
Evil Bunny Produtions presents

A multi-store epic sale event!

Accepting both fashion, beauty, body accessory and furnishings/decor designers. Theme focuses around many designers in one location offering brand new, exclusive/limited designs at a discount for 11 days only. For pre-holiday gift buying, holiday party & home decor needs. NO SPECIFIC THEME required for you to design in. Think of what would sell well Pre-Christmas for gift giving or holiday decorating.

Each designer will have 30 prims for set-up. No sponsors for this event-all booths will be the same size.
Cost per booth is $500L. You may have multiple stores in the event.

November 21st-December 1st

Applications close October 1st.


This is a 11-day booth-style sale event. Each designer is REQUIRED to provide the following:

-1 FREE group gift (for evil bunny hunts group) *this does not have to be a new item (you will have to join the evil bunny hunts group if you are not currently in it to set-out your gift to the correct group) This is for customer appreciation and work on growing our advertising group size.

-1 exclusive item (brand new/not in any other event or in your store/ never sold before/not recolored from something you already sell) priced at 25% OR 50% below the regular price that you would sell it in-store. Once the event is over, you are welcome to put item into your store at the FULL price. (if item is normally $100L, will be either $75L or $50L during the event-25% or 50% off) *you may offer as many exclusives as you have prims for.

-You are allowed to include 2 gacha machine in your set-up. Gachas MUST BE NEW! You will provide your own machines. Gacha item CAN be your exclusive, but please be sure to use discounted pricing on it during the event.

-You may offer a limited item as your exclusive (script your vendor to only sell so many copies of your design) You will be required to provide the script.


-You will be required to provide a photo/ad of your exclusive for online event gallery.

-You will be required to rez the event poster in your in-world store. If you are a mp only store, you are required to put the event texture in your picks.

-Only float text allowed is from limited edition scripts in vendors. No landmarks, gift float text of any kind except limited edition items. No greeters that auto-welcome/invite customers to join something.

***We highly suggest you have a sales system that allows items to be gifted as the entire theme of this event is pre-holiday purchasing for gifts and special events. ***

-Other items in your booth do not need to be exclusive or new for the event. We do suggest however you do something holiday themed or put everything on sale to help draw customers.

-A tip: for those that may be newer to SL design/business...please realize how swamped you will be this time of year. It will happen----- so, we highly suggest getting your designs done now! Get things done as early as you can so you won't be in panic mode. Between SL sales/events and RL holiday/family, this time of year gets crazy. Don't miss out on the event because you can't be ready on time. Fees are non-refundable.

-All designers will be in the evil bunny productions group-tag will be needed to access the sale area/rez.All designers will need to join the evil bunny hunts group to rez free gift and set the container to the group. You do not need to stay in it, however you can use it to advertise your store 1/day.

75 designer MAX...apply early to grab your booth(s).

Demo platform will be available to use for larger display items.

Be aware of TOS for any templates you use and do not use copyrighted materials.

Payment for event upon acceptance. Anyone not paid by Oct. 1st will be replaced from the wait list.
November 16th area open for set-up
November 20th 6pm slt- deadline for designers to be set-up
November 21st 12 noon slt event opens
December 1st 11:59pm slt event closes

If you are not going to be ready on -time PLEASE note card allie munro with details. Otherwise we will open the wait list up and replace with another designers. No money will be refunded for designers that do not show up.
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Do you agree to abide by the timeline listed above, and have read all of the rules so you understand what is required? *
Do you realize there are no refunds if you don't show up? *
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