Wakarusa Brewery Vendor Database
This database will serve as a reference, so that we know who to contact for various products and services. We'd like to work with as many Kansas farmers and small businesses as we can. I promise not to sell your contact info.
Please mark the products which you provide.
Are you interesting in receiving spent grains from the brewing process on a regular basis?
Spent grains can be used to make bread, to mix in with animal feed, or for composting.
Are you an artist who would like to display art work on the walls of our brewery?
We have installed high CRI LED track lighting around the inside perimeter of the brewery with the intent of displaying art work. While we currently don't have a budget to pay for art work, we would not ask for a commission on the sale of art displayed on our walls.
Use this space if you have other services or products to offer?
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