The League of Sensemakers - A Global Council Exploring the World's Biggest Questions, Analyzing Most Interesting Headlines, Discovering Leading Patterns and Unraveling the Toughest Challenges ...
Analysts, sensemakers, strategists, planners, futurists, researchers, insight-ers, foresight-ers, forecasters, intelligencers, data scientists, innovators, strategic scenario developers, data journalists, ethnographers, anthropologists, cultural-ists, curators, statisticians, pollsters, economists, design thinkers, masterminds, intrepid explorers ... we have a home for you!
We are inviting a savvy & special group of 200 people from around the world that are almost too curious about the unknowable, unmanageable and unthinkable, and have a great capacity to make some intelligence of it all. Does that seem like you?

Consider the League of Sensemakers your interesting "fifth place" where you can spend a few of your passion hours out of every month with people and projects that are a little outside the conventions of your work, family, industry and community.

We want to understand the world's biggest challenges and we'd like to do it collaboratively with a flock of kindred spirits. Under the auspices of the Grey Swan Guild (, you may be called to:
- participate on monthly panels
- join our salon sensemaking sessions
- test out new study approaches & experiments
- collaborate on white papers
- shepherd or contribute to a task force
- become our podcast panelists
- field primary research or curate secondary research
- work or lead other guild activities and
- perhaps you are working on your own stuff that may be applicable to

At minimum, we think you will enjoy our League for:
- the calibre of intelligence we apply to real world challenges
- the global connections and peer-ships that will develop
- the ability to apply and do what you are passionate about - sensemaking
- a platform to make your contributions known to wider universe
- to communicate ideas in an inclusive, diverse and open community setting
- be part of some interesting events and improve your own learning and
- as Dr. Seuss mused:
"Oh, the places (we)'ll go! There is fun to be done!
There are points to be scored. There are games to be won.
And the magical things we can do with that ball
will make (us) you the winning-est winner of all."

Please fill out the member profile information below and we will connect with you shortly, by sending you an intro email on all the things you can do and explore to get started and future event dates

Thank you, The Global League of Sensemakers
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