Do you think you are ethical?

The word "ethical" refers to principles or practices of right and wrong conduct, particularly in relation to moral principles that guide individual behavior and decision-making. 

It is often used to describe actions, choices, or policies that are consistent with accepted standards of moral behavior, typically emphasizing fairness, honesty, responsibility, and respect for others.

Welcome to an exploration into the core of ethics. This survey invites you to deeply engage with the enduring principles of right and wrong that have guided humanity through the ages.

From Socrates’ call for self-examination to Aristotle’s quest for balanced judgment, and Kant’s ideals of universal morality, these philosophical concepts not only transcend history but are also intricately linked to the decisions we face daily.

Your insights are crucial in understanding how these timeless ethical frameworks influence our modern choices and actions. Please note that this survey is ANONYMOUS. Your responses are confidential and will not be stored or traced back to you.

By participating in this important dialogue, you contribute to a collective understanding of the pivotal role of ethics in shaping human behavior and societal norms.

It is easy to assume we are ethical, especially when compared to blatantly unethical behavior. But what about the subtler, everyday decisions that hover near the blurred lines of right and wrong, as drawn by ethics?

For this survey, honesty is imperative. It would be ironic, after all, to be dishonest in a survey about ethics.

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Do you believe you are an ethical person? *
Does your family believe you are an ethical person? *
Do your friends, co-workers, and/or employees believe you are an ethical person? *
Choose all that apply.  In the past five years, have you: *
Choose all that apply.  In the past five years, if you have worked, have you ever:
Please choose all that apply.  In general, in the past five years have you: *
Do you feel your  religious faith plays a role in your choices, in your decision making? If so, what is your religion? *
Everyone has a set of moral principles they live by. What are some of the things that have helped you choose between right and wrong? *
During difficult times, are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of how you handled the situations?
Everyone has a story. And most everyone has been on the short end of an ethical situation. Would you like to share your story? 
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