Camp Erin - Albany 2019 Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Camp Erin – Albany, 2019:
Friday-Sunday, September 20 - 22, 2019, with the Ice Cream Social on Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Cabin Buddies (60) - Recommended for new volunteers. 5 Cabin Buddies in a cabin with 5 campers.
Big Buddies (12) - Returning volunteers only. One per cabin. Provides their own transportation to Camp Fowler.
Grief Counselor (12) - Typically Hospice staff. One per cabin. Provides their own transportation to Camp Fowler.
Photographer (2) - One male and one female. Experienced photographers and former volunteers preferred.
Med Team (2) - RNs administer medications for all campers. Available 24/7 for all medical needs.

1. Must be at least 18 years of age
2. Must have graduated from High School
3. Must attend Ice Cream Social and entire Camp Erin weekend
4. Interview and training required for new volunteers.
5. Annual background check, for new and returning volunteers, paid for by The Community Hospice.

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Volunteers will have access to confidential information, including protected health information (PHI), both written and oral, in the course of their volunteer responsibilities. It is imperative that this information is not disclosed to any unauthorized individuals. I understand that if I do not keep protected health information (PHI) confidential, or if I allow or participate in inappropriate disclosure or access to PHI, I will be subject to immediate disciplinary or corrective action, up to and including dismissal. I understand that unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of PHI may also violate federal and state law, and may result in criminal and civil penalties.
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