Title Prompt Request Form
I'm currently taking a few requests based on Title prompts! These will all be CisM/CisM erotica because I'm not in the best mindset for anything else. These will likely be warm up short stories, and there's a possibility I'll use them for commercial use later, so please do not submit if this is not something you want. I may not fill any or all of the prompts, please don't be offended or reach out asking where it is. I am not taking any fandom requests at this time. I will be treating these more as warm-ups.

Your titles do NOT have to be good. Do not stress out about it!!!!!!!

Acceptable Titles Include:
-Vague Titles (eg. Rain in August)
-Specific Titles/Request-Based Titles (eg. Marco wears lingerie to avoid going to a party)
-Sexual Innuendo in Title
-Both funny titles and serious titles will be accepted, don't worry if your title is strange/overly specific.
-No strict limit on length. Smashwords won't accept over 250 characters but like, follow your heart, just be aware I may have to adjust it.
-Subtitles are fine but will require a colon (eg. This is your Title: This is your subtitle)

Unacceptable Titles Include:
-Real Life People/Fandom Characters in the Title and Parody/Satire Titles (eg. Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and the Golden Dildo)
-Sexually Explicit Words/Cuss Words in Title - if unsure send away anyway and I can censor it myself!

While the title itself can qualify as a request, I do have a separate section where you can put it another request for the title you've chosen, but please note there is no guarantee I will fill that additional request, but I may fill your title without that additional request.

My friends, please submit as many as you would like.
What is the Title of your Request? *
Any Additional Requests
Please limit yourself to 1-3 additional requests, especially if your title already contains a specific request. This can be something like human/non-human (alien, monster, furry, etc), a specific sex act, body types/some appearance, a specific setting, a specific kink, or like "please include magic" or something! I won't be slapping wrists over the number of requests, but I may not be able to fill everything you request if there are a lot of them.
If you would like to be contacted if your request is filled, please tell me where and how to contact you.
DMs are fine, but let me know which social media you want to be contacted on and your username on that platform. If you don't want to be contacted, feel free to leave blank.
You understand that I may be using these prompts as the basis for written works that I will be selling and give me permission to use these prompts for that. *
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