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Course Description: The climate change course will guide and inform teens about what exactly climate change is, what causes climate change, and why it is so important to care about. The participants will also be taught the definition of sustainability and include simple tips to help them live a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as numerous fun climate change related activities. Sign-up to learn more!!

Meet The Instructor: Marie-Claire has become passionate about climate change during the quarantine period. She has done a lot of research about sustainability and climate change and has become more conscious about her individual impact. Marie-Claire believes that being a good student can make a good teacher. She has received all A’s throughout high school and plans to keep it that way for the next two years. She has placed third in her schools science fair along with her partner. Her bright personality is sure to keep participants engaged and alert. She hopes to share her passion with fellow teens!

Age Range: 13-16

October 18th, October 25th, November 1st,

4:15 - 5:00 PM (PST)

Sessions Total: 3

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We have a $5 suggested entry fee for all workshop participants. All proceeds go directly to our nonprofit campaign for Frontline Foods, to help essential workers and small businesses during COVID-19. We highly encourage you to donate to our cause if you want to give back to QuaranTEEN and help out! Plus, as an extra bonus, those who pay the entree fee will receive lifelong access to the recorded session videos and a digital certificate for completion of the course. We are trying to reach our $1,000 goal by the end of the Fall! Have you donated $5? (Note: This entry fee is only suggested for those who have the means, and although we would greatly appreciate donations, it is NOT required! If you can't afford it at the moment- don't worry! You can still sign up!) *
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