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For small business owners and entrepreneurs in the creative arts sector
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I love days off work because then I can get away from the job
Day and night, I can’t stop thinking about the work I am doing
I believe that the company should pay me extra for overtime work
I start work early and work long hours to accomplish my goals
Some people - like entrepreneurs - are lucky; they’re born that way
People decide if they are going to be successful: I make my own luck
Job security and reliable pay is important to me and my family
I don’t mind taking business risks if I believe that they could succeed
Good old tried and tested is always best; if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it
I like to look for and figure out new or better ways to do things
People say that I am trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I like that
People say I’m a bit of a maverick, I like to do things my own way
It’s the boss’ job to give staff direction and to take the responsibility
It’s my responsibility to ensure that everyone works to meet our common vision
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, there’s no point in thinking about it
When I set myself a goal, I won’t give up until I achieve it
Life has way too many problems, too much drama and stress
Problem are opportunities in disguise, stress comes with the territory
I tackle challenges with confidence and always expect to succeed
Things go wrong, mistakes happen, contracts are lost, that’s just bad luck
I take responsibility for my own decisions, I don’t blame anyone else
I hate failure, I steer well clear of things that might go wrong
Setbacks are part of life; it’s what you learn from them that matters
There's not point in planning your work, things go wrong anyway
They say: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I like to be organised
I really don’t enjoy being around know-it-all Clever Dicks
I like to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am
Companies must pay their staff salaries every month without fail
Things are tough, I know that my business will pay me when it can
When you can’t solve a problem, that’s life telling you to stop
When I face a challenge, I won’t give up until I overcome it
There are some things in life that you are just not meant to have
When I want something, I will work night and day to get it
I hate to have to keep hustling people to get back to me
Keep knocking, people have to answer you sometime
I wish there was a way to get rid of the ‘clients from hell’
It’s our customers - even the difficult ones - who pay our salaries
I’m an entrepreneur but I’m definitely not a salesman
What we do is so awesome, I can’t stop telling people about it
If you help other people, one day they will steal your ideas
When businesses support one-another, everyone benefits
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