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The Brunei Students' Union will be holding a fundraiser on Muara Beach. The event on the 21st July 2019, starting from 7.30 am until 1.00pm, will consist of food sold by The BSU Kitchen, mini games as well as friendly matches including Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Tug - of - war (Tarik Kalat).

We invite students from Brunei's higher institutions as well as students who are currently or will be studying in the United Kingdom and Eire to this event. Therefore, we highly appreciate for you to RSVP The Brunei Students' Union latest by Wednesday, 17th July 2019 at 11.59 pm. This will give The Brunei Students' Union an idea of the expected number of people who will be attending the event.

Furthermore if you are interested in participating in either Volleyball (Male and Female) or Ultimate Frisbee, the link to register is down below:

Volleyball (Male): https://forms.gle/gzZK7FECMng8bto17
Volleyball (Female): https://forms.gle/T8uEtqKh2yLpu2iA8
Frisbee (Mixed): https://forms.gle/hQu8YtYAo52C6esj9

The deadline to register for these sport is 17th July 2019 and the registration fee for all sports is $3.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Nurin Nabeelah Abu Bakar , Vice President of Administration and Finance of The Brunei Students' Union either via email at vp.admin@bsunion.org or via contact number +44 7365 339758 (WhatsApp)

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