Let's talk about work
In the context of the shuttering of the theaters due to COVID-19, and the historic rates of unemployment for performers and arts workers across the board, this project invites theater artists, administrators, technicians, producers, staff, volunteers, and anyone else who makes (or made, prior to the pandemic) their living (financially or spiritually) in the theater, to reflect on their working lives both pre- and post-pandemic, and how their experience of different forms of work has affected their lives.

The responses from this form will incorporated into a multimedia film/text project by Soho Rep Project Number One artist Ife Olujobi, to be debuted in summer 2021.

The survey should take 30-45 minutes to complete. Please respond to the questions as it suits you to interpret them. No wrong answers! However, please try to answer questions as comprehensively as you can, and in full sentences rather than fragments whenever possible.

The survey is also available as a google doc (downloadable for Word or PDF) at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10FfpEpwvBDryHutSPoorXgXchzhFIXdWtQt63oGte6k/edit?usp=sharing. You can email responses to me at iolujobi@sohorep.org, along with any other accessibility needs or concerns.
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