Federal Student Loan Exit Counseling
Required for graduating students with federal student loans. All students welcome!

Create a Student Loan Repayment Strategy that's Right for You!

All students that have applied to graduate in the Spring 2017 semester, and have borrowed Federal Loans at the IIT Downtown Campus are required to complete Federal Student Loan Exit Counseling. If you have not borrowed federal student loans you do not need to attend. Although the program is mainly aimed at graduating students, all students are welcome to attend. Loan Exit Counseling Workshops are held each semester. If you have not borrowed federal student loans you do not need to attend. The requirement has two parts: (1) in person workshop and (2) online exit counseling session. In addition there is an optional one-on-one appointment opportunity if you need personalized assistance in navigating your loan portfolio. This is a great time to get all your questions answered by a financial aid professional expert. Please keep in mind that one-on-one appointments do not replace the group session or online requirement. You only need to attend one in-person session. Graduating students will receive one-on-one appointment priority.

If you have already satisfied the two step loan exit counseling requirement in the fall semester you can ignore this notice. However, if you did not complete the online requirement after the in person session you will need to complete it in order for the loan exit counseling requirement to be cleared.

Workshop: Federal Student Loan Exit Counseling: Road to Zero
Tuesday April 11th
12pm-1pm & 3pm-4pm
Room 590

Wednesday April 12th
Room 590

One-on-One Appointments (optional):
Wednesday April 12th & Thursday April 13th
See available times below
Office of Financial Aid Suite 230

You have many options when it comes to student loan repayment including a number of income based payment plans, and even the possibility of loan forgiveness. Presented by Access Group, a nonprofit financial education provider, this workshop will guide you through creating your own Road to Zero strategy by helping you determine the payment plan that will best align with your current needs, future aspirations and financial goals.

Your Loan Exit Counseling Steps:

1. Attend one in person workshop. By attending the workshop, you may gain a more in depth understanding of your student loans, your loan repayment options, and realistic loan repayment examples and scenarios. During the session, please take the opportunity to get answers to your student loan questions. Students that RSVP ahead of time (below) and have applied for graduation will obtain a copy of their personal loan portfolio that lists all the federal loans received while attending the IIT Downtown Campus. Students that do not RSVP will be directed to retrieve the information online. Please bring a form of I.D. (i.e. school or state) as this is confidential information, and arrive early to pick up your loan portfolio. This will allow the presenter to go through the material and answer all your questions.

2. During the in person workshop, students will receive instructions for completing the online exit counseling session. Once the online session is complete, your Federal Loan Exit Counseling requirement will be fulfilled and the requirement will be cleared on the myIIT portal.

The Office of Financial Aid understands that this may be a very busy time for you but we strongly recommend that you take the time to complete your loan exit counseling requirement now rather than later. We have scheduled the sessions so that distractions from your finals, job interviews and bar exam studying are minimized. It is our goal that when you graduate you feel informed and more at ease about your loans and your repayment options. Please keep in mind that if you are unable to attend any of these sessions we will make accommodations for you to meet this requirement at a later date. Workshops are typically held each semester.

Please RSVP below with your preferred group session and let us know if you need a one-on-one appointment.

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We will try to best accommodate everyone's appointment selection but graduating students will have priority. If you require an earlier or later appointment please let us know. All students that RSVP will receive a confirmation email within 5 days. If you do not receive an email please contact our office to be sure we have your RSVP.
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