Neon Noble's Commission Form!
Thank you for considering an art commission from me! This handy little form should handle most of the details relevant to the commission process, from commission type to details! Organization is important, after all! Below, you will be presented with various questions PRIOR to submitting commission details. This is so that I can keep my eye out for extras so that the billing total goes smoothly.

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**UPDATE - 17 November, 2017: The prices of Simple Color and Full Color pieces have been increased!**

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Usernames are perfectly fine, although I don't post on any websites other than Tumblr, Twitter, FurAffinity, and occasionally DeviantArt. If listing multiple usernames, please use the following format: "Name (Website), Name (Website)".
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Getting Started!
My personal specialties involve drawing furry characters and otherwise anthropomorphic creatures. I'm fairly flexible for the most part as far as humanoids go, but I do struggle with incredibly mechanical subjects. I'm happy to give anything a shot, though!

For a list of things that I will NOT draw (mostly pertaining to NSFW commissions), please see this document here:

**UPDATE - 17 November, 2017: The prices of Simple Color and Full Color pieces have been increased!**

First things first: Will this Commission be NSFW? *
Answering "Yes" to this question means you are at least 18 years of age.
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Base Price for Single Character Piece; All prices shown are USD. (Additions will be handled below.)
These values shown in the following question modify the price of the commission based on the type of commission it is! (ex: Adding an extra character to a SFW Sketch is +$5 per extra character, but adding an extra character to a NSFW Sketch is +$7.50 per extra character.) All of these multipliers are additive, meaning you can add the percentages together to get the total modifier to the price. For backgrounds, these are to give me a general idea of the sort of level of work you want put into them-- If your descriptions are vague I will contact you via email to confirm the setting and update the price before billing.
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