Who amidst the following won the Nobel Prize in Science in two different disciplines ? *
Who amongst the following was awarded Nobel Prize for developing the technology used in integrated circuits used in PCs ? *
Who from the following is an awardee of both the Nobel Prize and Bharat Ratna ? *
Who among the following Nobel laureates facilitated the development of MRI as an important diagnostic tool ? *
Who was the first nobel prize winner from India ? *
Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to : *
Which of the following pairs won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014? *
In 2015 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to: *
The Nobel Prize for Economics was instituted by: *
In which city Nobel Peace Prize is awarded? *
In which of the following fields Nobel Prize is not given? *
Biologist of Indian origin who received the Nobel Prize was *
Nobel Prize winning India, Amartya Sen, is known for his work in which area? *
Which India-born scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Astrophysics? *
Nobel Prize in which field is not paid out of the endowment set up by Dr. Alfred Nobel? *
The Nobel Prize was instituted by the country *
The Indian representing an international organization who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore of U.S. was *
In which year did Amartya Kumar Sen receive the Nobel Prize in Economics? *
Among the following Nobel laureates, who was not a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace? *
Sir C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on: *
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