RRC: Tour de Maine 2020
Tour de Maine is a virtual run challenge based on points that can be earned by running near cool sites mostly in the Portland area between May 1st to June 9th!

How it work is, certain landmarks are given points (listed below), when you run by them or through them you can add those points to your total score. Additional points are given for completing the mile bonus (see bottom of page). You may submit one run for each town(s) / locations listed below AND one mile bonus!

The person with the most points wins (duh) a free 4 pack from Goodfire Brewing!

1) Only one run may be submitted for each town(s). Please don't resubmit a second run in the same town / location. For example, don't submit 2 runs in Portland, we'll only take 1.
2) Landmark points will only be counted once. Passing the same landmark 20 times will only count once.
3) Landmark points were created at the whim of the RD and he's not going to change them. Towns listed were added based on regularly participating members of the Runaways RC. If your local town is not listed, sorry, we tried to include everyone.
4) In an effort to include all speeds, your run time, pace, and distance aren't counted in this challenge. Bonuses are not time based but still must be a posted run, simply completing one grants you points and you may run bonuses anywhere.
5) ALL SUBMITTED RUNS MUST BE POSTED ON STRAVA. Please make your profile is public so we can confirm your points. The RD wont give you points without a publicly submitted run.
6) Have fun with it!
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Portland Run
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South Portland / Cape Elizabeth
South Portland / Cape Elizabeth Run
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Westbrook / Gorham
Westbrook / Gorham Run
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Saco / Biddeford
Saco / Biddeford Run
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Yarmouth / Freeport
Yarmouth / Freeport Run
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Topsham / Brunswick
Topsham / Brunswick Run
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Auburn / Lewiston
Auburn / Lewiston Run
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Bangor Run
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Bonus Mile Challenges
In addition to posting this run on Strava, you must also post /submit a picture of you doing it or prepping for it because we otherwise would have no way of knowing you actually did it! (If you're running the naked mile, hand cover the important bits)
Double Bonus Mile Challenges
If you choose to combine TWO of the mile challenges during the same run, you may double the lowest scoring mile then add it with your highest scoring mile. For example, if you run the Beer Mile (6 points) AND the Barefoot Mile (3 points x2) at the same time then you'll get 12 points total.
Bonus Mile
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