Beyond Talent Master Class application for April 23
If you'd like to volunteer for the "hot seat" to get laser coaching with Angela, please answer the questions below.
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What's your first and last name? *
If selected, what specific goal or project would you like to talk about during our session? *
Where do you feel most stuck around this project or goal? In other words, how can I best help you? *
In our master class session, what would need to happen in order for you to gain traction toward your goal? *
Why are you a good candidate for this opportunity? Tell me why we should choose you? *
Time permitting, what other topics would you like to hear discussed . . . *
I understand that Angela will announce "hot seat" volunteers live during the call. Therefore, I agree to attend for the duration of the session. I also understand that, as an applicant, if I choose not to attend, I may not be eligible for future hot seat sessions. *
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