Medicine in Motion Olympiad
Medicine in Motion continues to MOVE. We refuse to remain idle in the face of ongoing inequity. We hope to make a difference by supporting the NAACP and other organizations on the forefront in the fight for social justice. The Medicine in Motion Olympiad, the final event of our MOVE campaign, will be a week-long virtual global competition featuring three events: a road race (5K distance), a bike race (13.1 miles), and a HIIT time trial (intermediate/advanced).

More information:

The virtual event will be held from Saturday, November 21st, to Sunday, November 29th (the week of Thanksgiving). All fitness levels are welcome to participate.

We will be stratifying the leaderboards by age group. The top finishers in each event will receive prizes (to be announced) and schools with the most participants will also be rewarded -- although you need not be affiliated with an institution to participate!

There is no fee for registration but we are asking all participants to pledge to fundraise for this event. This fundraising pledge is non-binding but we would love for all participants make an earnest effort to meet their goal. You can raise money through the donor page set up on your chapter website or via the Medicine in Motion venmo account (@medmotion). See registration confirmation email for more details.

Find out more about the impactful charities we are supporting in our fight against racial injustice:

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