2020 Ramblin' Reck Club Application
Please ensure that you review all the additional Recruitment requirements at reckclub.org/reckruitment.

In addition to this application, you are required to attend socials and interviews. If you have any conflicts with events or questions please email Kassie Lee at membershipchair@reckclub.org.

This application will close January 31st, 2019 at 11:59PM.
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We will verify that you are in good academic and judicial standing with the Institute. By checking this box, you understand that this is a requirement to apply to Ramblin' Reck Club. *
There are two time slots for the first Reck Club Social on February 3rd: 7:00pm-8:00pm and 8:30pm-9:30pm. Please select the time slots you are available for. *
If neither of these time slots work for you please email the Recruitment Chair, Kassie Lee at membershipchair@reckclub.org.
Tell us why you want to join the Ramblin’ Reck Club! RRC prides itself on having members who are excited about different aspects of the club. In fact, we attribute a lot of our success to the creativity and fun this brings. Of the following aspects of being a member, what are the top three you are most excited about? Please give a brief description for why. *
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If a high-school student touring Georgia Tech approached you on campus, explain what aspect of campus life, outside of academics, you would use to convince them to come to Georgia Tech? *
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You’re given the opportunity to create a new campus event with the Reck and funding is available for any necessary supplies or resources. Given the club’s mission to promote traditions and spirit on campus, how do you carry out this event? How do you encourage students from all facets of campus life to attend? *
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Reck Club members make up a close-knit and diverse family and often spend time together outside of work events and meetings. What characteristics do you value in your relationships with others, and what qualities do you like most about yourself? *
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What is your favorite memory ‘spreading joy’ with others this past year at Georgia Tech? *
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What activities on and off-campus do you plan to participate in during the next year? Please list offices if applicable. How do you foresee being able to accommodate these and RRC in your busy schedule as a GT student? *
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Write us a limerick or haiku about your favorite Tech tradition. *
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Is there anything you have not been able to include, or that is not reflected in the answers to these questions, that you think we should know? If so, write it below.
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