🎉3 Year Anniversary Metabolic Momentum Method Scholarship Application form 🏆

🎉We are giving away $10K worth in scholarships in honor of the anniversary of 3 Years of Wellness Elevate! 🎉

Grand Prize: One lucky individual will receive a COMPLETELY FREE 90 Day Metabolic Momentum Method Accelerator 1:1 program 🎁

💸 10 Partial Scholarships: We're also awarding 10 partial scholarships!

...the same transformative program that has helped countless women to:

Have more energy, shed stubborn inches and reduce belly bloat, so you can fit back into your favorite clothes without giving up the food you love, or doing crazy exercise.

BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM: You MUST watch the two videos on this page HERE: 

Since we will working closely together, it is important it's the right fit and that you're committed to yourself! 💖

Please answer the following questions to apply. THANK YOU! I'm excited to get back to you :)
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First and Last Name *
Which of the following do you struggle with the most in your health and weight loss journey?
Have you ever had an online coach before? If yes, how was your experience? If no, have you ever had a personal trainer?  How was that experience (specifically) *
After watching the video about the MMM and how to become a Wellness CEO here >>> https://www.wellnesselevatetribe.com/scholarshipvideos what specifically stands out to you that shows this is DIFFERENT than what you've tried before?
After watching the video on the Functional Blood Chemistry analysis,  how do you think this could help you on your wellness journey? 
Do you have any kids (human or fur?)
What are you current goals for your health? Please elaborate and be as specific as possible.
Why are these goals important to you? Give as much details as you can. 
On a scale of 1 to 5 how important is it for you to overcome your current struggles to achieve your goals?
What is your current job occupation? (note: our jobs can make a big impact on our stress levels and daily movement -- it helps for us to see what obstacles we are up against) 
Why choose Metabolic Momentum Method to help you achieve these goals?
If you are chosen, are you willing to commit, communicate, put forth the effort so we can guide you in achieving your goals? 
Tell us a little bit about you and why Wellness Elevate should choose you as a Scholarship winner?
Are you willing to share your MMM experience on social media if we pick you (sharing photos and live video) - note that this is not required, I'm just curious :)  *
What is your cell phone number? *
Next Steps: 

The finalists will be chosen by Wednesday Oct 11. After that the finalists, will be asked to hop on a quick 10 min call with Michelle to ask a few more questions and choose the final winner. 

If you are chosen as a finalist are you willing to get on a 10 min call to discuss all the details? 
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