DLF Data prescriber survey
For 50 years DLF has been providing information to healthcare professionals to support them in providing advice about suitable equipment for independent living. In the 1980s and 90s we published the ubiquitous Hamilton Index. More recently, since the noughties, we have run DLF-Data.

We now want to design a modern tool to support professionals with their prescribing decisions and we are consulting with current and potential users about how this would need to work. Would you be able to answer some questions about this area of work? The survey should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.
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1. Are you involved in prescribing equipment - aids and adaptations - for older and disabled people?
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2. What is your role?
3. What type of organisation do you work for?
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4. How often do you prescribe?
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5. In an average month how many cases are you involved with?
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6a. How many others are there in your team doing similar work?
6b. And within your organisation, how many other teams are involved in prescribing equipment?
6c. Please specify teams
7. What tools do you use now to identify suitable products?
8. Are there policies in place that affect your choice of products?
9. When selecting your choice of brand and model, to what extent is having a wide and unbiased choice a factor affecting the selection? (Rank 1 to 5 where 1 is vital and 5 is unimportant)
10. Where are you typically located when you are doing this type of work?
11. What would you say are the strengths and weaknesses with the current method?
12. If there was one feature you could introduce to improve on this what would that be?
13. What are your qualifications / training in this field (for prescribing equipment)
14. How do you keep your experience / CPD up to date?
15. What would you estimate is the proportion of your product choices are influenced by the contract that is in place locally?
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16a. What are the most common scenarios / product categories that you need to investigate independently of the contracted range?
16b. Are there product areas which are becoming more challenging to prescribe?
17. What format does your decision support documentation take? For example, do you store prescribing reports within case notes?
18. Would you like to produce personalised prescribing reports?
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19. Do you place the orders for the equipment?
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20. What system do you use?
21. If you had a more comprehensive tool to help support your brand and model choices what difference do you think this would make?
22. Have you heard of:
23. If your organisation was to pay for this type of decision support tool / product database, how do you think they would prefer to contract?
24. Is there anything else we should consider?
25. Would you be willing to review and consult with us on prototypes?
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