VIP Tagger Request - JBF Bremerton FALL 2019
Thank you for your interest for VIP tagging with Just Between Friends Bremerton. We are excited to help you be a part of the JBF Experience!

Here's how it works: In order to qualify, you must have at least 100 items (you are encouraged to have at least 20 items that are non-clothing (baby gear, toys, accessories, etc--depending on your items, exceptions may be made) and 80% of your clothing items MUST be quality name brand (Old Navy, Crazy8, Gymboree, GAP, Children’s Place, etc), NO WALMART brands.

There is a $18 consignor fee (this fee will be deducted from your check) and you are given 45% of your gross sales as a consignor (instead of the usual 60%). As a VIP consignor, you will pay your tagger a $15 supply fee to cover the hangers, cardstock, safety pins, ink etc. for up to 150 items, an additional $5 for every 50 items after. This is paid to your tagger directly at dropoff.


Below are some reminders for you as you prepare your items to drop off to your VIP Tagger.

A fair market price will be placed on your items based on JBF standards. If specific pricing is desired for any item, you will be able to provide it to the VIP Tagger at drop off.
-All of your items WILL BE marked to reduce on the event’s 1/2-price day of the sale.
-Prior to dropping off items with the VIP Tagger, you must evaluate all items you are submitting for sale and will remove any out-of-season items or stained/damaged items. Please refer to the SELL tab on our website ( for details on what is accepted and what is not. Your tagger has the right to impose a fee of .25 per "no thank you" item. Please don't waste your taggers time with items that are not worthy of being sold at JBF.
-CLEAN all clothing, toys, and equipment. Ensure toys, equipment, etc are working (items must have working batteries or we will charge $1 per battery) and fit for resale by meeting safety requirements issued by the CPSC. If the VIP Tagger encounters an item that needs to be cleaned in order to sell, you will be charged $1-$5 depending on time it takes to clean that item.
-Organize clothing items in size order and place outfits together along with accessories that you want sold together. The VIP Tagger may put together additional outfits in order to market the items better than if sold on their own.

Your VIP Tagger will be contacting you in the coming days to set up a drop off date for your items so start preparing them now for drop off…do not wait till the last minute. If you do not drop off on your agreed date, your name will go to the end of the list for this service and we will not be able to guarantee your items will be tagged. Your VIP consignor presale shopping time will be on Thursday, the day before we open to the public at 4:30pm. You also get to SHOP the Half-Price Presale Saturday, at 6:30pm. Presale shopping is earlier if you VOLUNTEER for a minimum of 4 hours. Your name will be on our list at the door, IF your tagger has not given you your pass at drop off.

If you chose NOT to have your items donated, you MUST pick up your items at consignor pickup on Sunday evening 8-9pm. If you have any questions, please contact either our VIP Consignor Coordinator Jodee at 360-265-9350 (leave msg) or email her at & put "JBF VIP program" in the subject line.

Be sure to watch your mail for your VIP Consignor Presale Shopping Passes as well as FREE passes to share with everyone you know!

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ARE YOUR ITEMS ORGANIZED, SORTED and READY FOR DROP OFF? Please note that if you are NOT ready, a Tagger will NOT be assigned to you until you have your items prepped for drop off. Tagger appts come on a first-come, first-basis, and that you may not get an appointment for the Fall event. Be sure to notify the VIP Coordinator, Jodee, as soon as you are ready. *
When would you like to pick up your unsold items, IF you are NOT having them donated to local charity? You can sign up to help on Sunday, October 20th with sorting 4-8pm, and pick up after your items have been verified. (You must go into your JBF Profile to select this shift) *
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