From NGO to Social Enterprise workshop
Is your NGO finding it a challenge to secure and maintain donor funding? Is restricted funding limiting your organisations choices? Are you looking for an exit strategy for your beneficiaries?

Starting a social enterprise may be the solution.

Generating your own revenues could reduce your risk of reliance on donations; give you freedom to use profits to achieve your objectives; provide sustainable employment/training opportunities and more.

However, starting a business is always a challenge, in particular when you must balance business needs with social objectives. Despite many success stories, there are many failures: risks are high, but success presents a strong strategic opinion for many NGOs in Cambodia today.


This full day workshop will look at the challenges of developing income generating activities from an NGO and tips on how to tackle them. Examining case-studies of Cambodia based organisations and welcoming a range of experts to speak about their experiences, we will look in depth at the prospects for NGOs looking to make this strategic change.

We will spend the day looking at:

– NGO or Social Enterprise?
Why make the transition and what is your model?

– What needs to change?
From stakeholder language to organizational culture, how to regard profit and how to restructure your organisation from staffing to operations.

– Governance and legal entity
How should you structure your activities legally and what are the consequences.

– Your finances
How to manage your finances, what should your new priorities be.

– Funding
What are your options for funding or investment if you become a social enterprise.

– Human Resource Management
How should you manage staff through a transition, who new will you need, how will you manage expectations.

– Success factors
And what to avoid!


The team at Impact Hub Phnom Penh has spent the past 3 years researching the topic and have developed the first ‘NGO to Social Enterprise Transition Guidelines’ to equip NGOs will the tools they need for sustainable planning and implementation of enterprise activities.

Participants will also have the opportunity to network with fellow leaders to share experiences, advice and create partnerships.

PRICE: $55 including lunch

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