Shipbreaking in Bangladesh
Watch the videos posted below about shipbreaking in Bangladesh and then answer the questions. To get the 15 RP for this quiz, you must get 100%. Take it as many times as you need to.
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60 Minutes: The Ship Breakers
The Shipbreakers of Bangladesh
National Geographic: Ship Breaking
What is ship breaking?
Where is Bangladesh?
Which number in the map above shows the location of Bangladesh where the shipbreaking yards of Chittagong are?
What are some reasons that shipbreaking is done in countries like Bangladesh and not places like America, Europe, or Taiwan?
How did shipbreaking start in Bangladesh?
What happens to almost all of the metal taken off of the ship?
What is the most sophisticated tool used by the shipbreakers on the beaches?
What is the most valuable part of an old ship that gets sold and reused?
Where do almost all of the big ships that get taken apart by shipbreakers come from?
About how many ships get broken down on the shipbreaking beaches of Bangladesh every year?
What makes shipbreaking such a dangerous job?
About how much of a ship gets recycled or reused?
What happens to the hazardous waste and toxic chemicals from the ships that no one wants?
Many people are angry about shipbreaking in poor countries like Bangladesh. What are some of the reasons why?
Where do most of the workers in the shipbreaking yards come from?
How many of the shipbreakers are under the age of 18?
What is the number one thing that can be fixed about the shipbreaking industry and how it is done?
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