K-4th Grade Discipline Policy & Behavior Contract
The parent of enrolling student is responsible for filling out this form.

In a Responsibility Centered Discipline school, educators collaborate to identify values and skills - like respect, honesty, effort and academic competencies - that they want students to take with them as they grow up. Once these values and skills are identified, they are used to establish a common language to address challenging discipline moments with students.

The objective is to teach students to recognize when they are too emotionally charged to make the best decisions and to get them to a point where they can handle situations in a positive manner. Teachers and Administration will use supportive statements that build a relationship with students or identify a strength that he/she possesses. They remind the student of the expected behavior and explain where this expectation is not met. The benefit of this standard of behavior is explained, and the student will be asked to come up with a solution in order to resolve his/her behavior issue. The Response-Ability Process enables the student to take responsibility for their actions and to create solutions.

While most students consistently observe these standards and behave safely and appropriately, there are times when misbehavior warrants intervention and consequences. Teachers and other staff use the Responsibility-Centered classroom and behavior management strategies to address such behavior. When these strategies are not successful in changing that behavior and/or serious incidents occur, it is necessary for additional action to be taken. The following are examples of disciplinary actions that may be taken in no particular order.

Please Note: Careful consideration is given to individual situations, so that the school's response to the student is appropriate. Consequences may be increased in cases of repeat offences. Suspensions will be considered when behavior is disruptive and detrimental to the operation of the school.

Possible consequences for behavior offences (minor offences handled by teacher & supported by administration).
* Warning
*Teacher contacts parent
*Paper written regarding behavior, signed by parent
*Verbal apology
*Removal from school activities
*Staff/student conference
*Lunch or after school detention with note/email home
*Counselor referral
*Conference with parents
*Administration contacts parents
*ISS - In School Suspension
*Fine for damages or stolen articles
*Police notification

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