Registration and Authorization for Medical Treatment
By completing the online registration you are giving permission for your youth to participate in all activities of Evangelical United Church of Christ Sunday School Program.
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By typing your name (Parent or Guardian) you are giving your consent and permission to the following statement:
Information on this form will only be shared with medical personnel in case of an accident or emergency. In case of accident or emergency I give consent and authorization to an adult representative of Evangelical Church to obtain and authorize any and all medical, dental and/or surgical care and treatment for my child. If above physician is not available, I authorize such care and treatment to be preformed by any licensed physician or surgeon. Please type your full name and date below to accept these terms. *
I give permission for pictures of my child to be used in church publications, church website, Facebook page or group, and local newspaper. Please type your full name and date below to accept these terms. *
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