Bridges - SQL assignment (30 points)
Use the Bridges database in SQL Lite that we worked on in class. If you are working on this at home, you may need to re-import the data to SQLite on your home computer. The original text file is on our class website and you can refer to the exercise from that class for instructions on how to import.

This assignment REQUIRES you to use Group By in your queries to get the correct answer. Although there may be other ways to get the answer (without using Group By), please create queries that use Group By. The goal of this assignment is to practice using Group By queries.

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Do a query that shows the total number of bridges that fall into each "deficiency status" category. Paste the SQL here:
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In what year were the most bridges constructed?
Write a query that shows how many bridges longer than 500 feet are located in each county. Which county had the greatest number of these long bridges?
What is the SQL needed to answer this question: Which county has the most structurally deficient bridges?
What percentage of the long bridges (those over 500 feet) are structurally deficient?
What SQL did you use for the previous question?
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