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The youth of St. Mary will be producing a podcast during Lent 2019. The podcast may continue into Easter, based on interest of the community. We will start out by featuring Father Jose and some guest teens offering reflections on the Lenten season. Please fill out this form to let us know what you're interested in hearing on the podcast. Thank you for your input!
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Do you listen to any Catholic, Christian, or spirituality podcasts? If so, which ones? Please list them.
What questions or topics about Lent would you like to hear discussed on the SMP Podcast?
What questions or topics would you like to hear discussed on the SMP Podcast AFTER Lent?
What would be your preferred length of time for the SMP Podcast?
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How often would you like us to post new podcasts?
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The SMP Podcast will feature Father Jose Rubio. What other guest speakers would you like to hear on the podcast?
What questions do you have about Ash Wednesday, Lent, or Easter?
We are looking for some talented individuals to help out on the show! Are you interested in helping us to produce or record this podcast? If so, please include your name and contact info in the next question so we can contact you.
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Any more input? You can put any other requests or comments here.
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