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Please fill in this form to report a bug or design flaw of FPGASID. If possibe write in ENGLISH, GERMAN or FRENCH. Other languages will have to go through Google Translator...

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Problem Headline
Please enter a short phrase that matches the problem. Something like "Audio distortion in CoolDemoXYZ".
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FPGASID Firmware Revision
It is very inmportant to name the FPGA firmware revision of your FPGASID. Up to now all FPGASIDs are flashed to firmware revision 09 on delivery. Every other firmware revision requires that you have updated the firmware meanwhile. To check what version you have, open ConfiGuru and type D to enter the diagnostics page. In the revision line please report the value F=XX.
FPGA Revision: *
Host Computer
Please report what computer type is used with the FPGASID. In case you are using something else such as a MidiBOX or homebrew system etc use the "else" field to detail what you are using.
Computer Type: *
TV Standard
Like for a real SID the FPGASID timing depends on the system clock frequency which is different between PAL and NTSC systems. Please report what kind of TV standard your computer is using.
Standard: *
Hardware Expansions in the System
To check for potential hardware incompatibilities, please list up all hardware expansions that are present in your system.
Hardware Expansions:
Full Description of the Problem
Please describe what exactly the problem is. List up everything that seems to be wrong.
Wrong Behaviour: *
Expected Behaviour
Please describe how you would expect it to be. So what should happen instead of the problem?
Expected Behaviour: *
Details on reproducing the problem
Please give a step-by-step description of what you did to see the problem. Please try if you can reproduce the problem by following your own description. In case you cannot reproduce it again, try to describe what you have in mind about what happened.
You can also upload a video on Youtube and copy the link here or make an audio recording and upload it with the file upload feature at the end of this form.
How to reproduce the problem step by step: *
SID-File or Software Used
Please write down what software has been used when the problem occured. For SID files please also name the SID-Player that has been used.
If possible, use the file upload feature at the end to upload the software (SID-File etc).
Software: *
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